Driver Responsibilities

Drivers have the responsibility to:

  • Treat riders, ClasTran staff, and the general public with courtesy and respect.
  • Wear ID badge issued by ClasTran at all times and present a neat, profes­sional appearance.
  • Ensure safe drop-off of riders, which includes, at a minimum, visually watching the rider until he/she has safely entered the door. In some cases this may also include contacting dispatch to make sure that an attendant is available to meet a rider needing assistance from the curb to the door.
  • Use the incident/accident form to report concerns that may cause an unsafe, unsanitary, or unpleasant trip for you or others.
  • Stay within the “line-of-sight” of the vehicle.
  • Maintain the route schedule for the convenience of all riders.
  • Assist* riders when entering and exiting the vehicle. Report incidents and accidents to ClasTran immediately. The dispatcher will call 911 if necessary.
  • Obey all traffic laws and posted speed limits.

*Assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Offering riders a steady arm or other appropriate guidance when entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Helping riders in wheelchairs to maneuver on standard vehicle ramps, lifts and insuring that wheelchairs are in standard operating condition
  • Helping riders carry no more than two grocery bags or similar sized packages on and off the vehicle

Drivers Are Not Permitted To

  • Enter a rider’s residence
  • Perform any personal care for riders, including but not limited to assisting riders with getting dressed
  • Lift or carry riders
  • Assist riders or mobility devices up or down steps
  • Fuel the vehicle with riders on board
  • Accept tips or gratuities
  • Use personal cell phones or engage in texting while the vehicle is in motion
  • Drop off a rider at an alternate location at the request of the rider, parent/guardian, or agency representative. The rider, parent/guardian, or agency representative must contact ClasTran to make such changes.

**If a rider requires assistance from the curb to the door and does not have a family member or caregiver available to assist them, they can sign a waiver releasing ClasTran of any liability. The driver can then assist them to the door.  This waiver is only intended for those riders that have no other means of getting inside their residence and not as a means of convenience.   To receive a waiver you can ask your driver, call the ClasTran office at 205-325-8787, or log on to to obtain it.