Rider’s Handbook: Introduction


This Handbook informs riders of the policies and procedures established by ClasTran to provide safe and efficient transporta­tion services.

In Jefferson and Shelby counties, ClasTran provides curb-to-curb demand-response service. It is the responsibility of the rider to arrange for assistance from curb to door, if needed.

All service is shared ride. This means there may be other people on the vehicle with you. The driver may stop to pick up or drop off other people on the way to your destination. This may cause delays and your patience is appreciated.

An application is available for riders in the Jefferson/Shelby County urbanized areas and an information sheet is available for riders in the rural areas of Jefferson/Shelby and all of Walker County.

You may contact ClasTran between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at:

  • Phone: 205-325-8787
  • TDD:  205-325-8129
  • Email:   info@clastran.com
  • U.S. Mail:  PO Box 10386, Birmingham, AL 35202

This Handbook is available in audio format upon request.